Monday, June 21, 2010

The "D" Word

Disney World ! I said it. I am sure that someone in their infinite wisdom at your hospital administrative level has mentioned Disney World and their wonderful Customer Service successes. I am confident that most of you have heard the "D WORD" story or speech and it probably caused some frustration. Can you compare the wonderful world of Mickey Mouse to Emergency Medicine? The answer is simply NO! However, There is a valuable point I want to share with you.
Fred Lee,hospital administrator, left his job and worked at Disney to see how they handled customer service. What came of it was a book: If Disney Ran Your Hospital: 9 1/2 Things You Would Do Differently. You may have read it, someone in an upper management position at your facility definitely has. It is a very well written synopsis of Disney's strategies to achieve superior service. What can we learn from the Pixie Dust?
"THE PATIENT EXPERIENCE", your hospital probably describes its' Customer Service Initiatives this way.
Has anyone told you why?
In my opinion its is the most valuable concept to bring back to Healthcare. The Disney Concept created by Walt Disney.
As the story goes, Walt Disney was at an amusement park with his family and he was sickened by the broken down rides, bad food and well less say; less than trained ride attendants. I mean you get the idea right , the traveling carnival that shows up in your town once a year. It inspired Walt Disney to create an entire "Experience" when you entered his "world". Disney World is an entire experience of fun, from the moment you start driving to the park , the grass is greener ,the signs are bigger. I mean when you are in the parking lot , the music is playing, characters are jumping around; "whee this is fun!!!!" your in the parking lot for the love of GOD! He created an experience from the time you entered the park to the time you left. The person that took your ticket from the gate as you pulled in, to the last person that showed you where to leave----- he created an experience of Fun. Every employee added or subtracted from that experience. Walt, wasn't out there offering great customer service 24/7, his employees were and still are.

This concept is what I am asking you to embrace, it is no different in Healthcare but it is more important. Healthcare is an experience of HEALING. People are coming to your healthcare institution in a time of need . Do we offer the same Experience?
If you were a patient.... and from the moment you arrived at your hospital, sick and in need of healing and evey single person you came in contact was dedicated to achieving the greatest amount of pride and success in making you well again , how great would it be?

You may say its impossible, and where you work it may very well be -----why is it Impossible? because of the B Team Employees.

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