Monday, June 21, 2010

ACLS / Acute Customer Life Support

Welcome everyone to Acls-- ACUTE CUSTOMER LIFE SUPPORT
The pun is intended. I know that many of you have spent half their lives training in healthcare: ACLS, BLS and PALS to name a few. You have spent hours on clinical units improving your skills through practice. Take a look at your loans to see how much schooling you have been through.

Where is the customer service training? It is a part of healthcare isn't it?

Exactly, we received none, or maybe if you want to call the in hospital mandatory meeting that your patient representative department made you attend, or the "be nice or else" speech you have heard from your managers. Customer service in your hospital could be giving out newspapers and garbage like that. These things lead to one thing :FAILED CUSTOMER SERVICE INITIATIVES.
Please leave all you know about costumer service behind you. Free yourself from scripting and and the nonsense that your hospital has told you. What do they know about taking care of patients in an ED? Most of them have not seen a patient in 20 years. I will start to give you the tools you need to have great customer service skills and increase your job satisfaction.
I know you are saying, "I should have taken the "Blue Pill"

First: I must go into the "D" word before we continue.


  1. What a suck up. Must be either a new assistant manager or a wanta be manager. Probably only been a nurse for a few years and despise those seasoned nurses who won't drink your koolaid. Pisses you off that they make more money than you those dead wood sons of bitches. Excuse me I need to vomit after reading your studer group dribble.

  2. it's ok Murse I can help you, Next time read about me and you will know what my background is. like i said i can save your career if it's not too late

  3. My hospital would not tolerate B team attitudes like yours and the other people you call "nurses". Please direct them to my site so I can Help them.