Sunday, June 20, 2010

Breaking Down the Matrix Part I in a series

Did you take the RED PILL?

Hello, I am so glad that you stopped to read a real blog to help Emergency Department Clinicians to deal with the the everyday life in a busy Emergency Department. Keeping your patients alive, making emergent medical decisions, LWOBE, CMS protocols, and every other parameter and data point your managers and hospital has asked you to do. But I left out the one that has caused the most trouble and controversy...WE HAVE TO BE NICE TO OUR PATIENTS TOO???--- Customer Service Initiatives.

I will show you that Good customer Service makes your Job easier. Yes , you read that right, It will make your job easier.

That is where the Matrix comes in.( I hope you all have seen it) besides being a great movie, it is very symbolic to what I am asking from all of you. The Matrix describes a future time where computers have trapped humanity and placed them in these little embryonic units where computers keep them alive to be used as an energy source. In order to facilitate this, computers generated a "MATRIX" , a false reality imprisoning human minds. During a pivotal part of the movie Neo, the character asked to lead the war to save humanity , was asked if he would wanted to break his reality by taking a red pill shattering all that he knows , all that he feels is real and correct.

Many of you feel that customer service is just one more step in an overused system. You feel that Clinical Qaulity is what matters. You feel that I can barely do what is need to do never mind cater to the needs of the patients. These are just a few of the countless sentiments I have read in these so called "Healthcare Blogs"

I am asking you to forget everything that you have heard or was taught about customer service in health care and take the red pill and "Free your Mind". I will show you a new reality of Increased job satisfaction and Customer service. Stay tuned.

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